Friday, February 11, 2011

Promote Generosity

Generosity is something that needs to be nurtured in your children from a young age. It is a state of being.

Generous people are able to give of their time and talents and find joy in it. The worst thing is a person who gives only out of manipulation. Something this is because the are intentionally trying to get something from you and in some cases it is a learned behaviour to get love or affirmations.

True generosity comes from a soul that is at peace with itself. A person who likes themselves and has a love for others will find it easier to give. Start by being generous in your compliments to your children and spouses. We have a “Three Things” ritual in our home.

We start by stating what we are grateful for. Then we say three things about each member of our immediate family that we like and we also end off by saying three things that we like about ourselves. It is a gift that we give to each othere. It starts the day off on a positive note and allows people to feel appreciated.

People who are grateful usually are happier and are able to be generous in other areas of their lives.

Learn more about the people that are in your life. What their likes and dislikes are and what their strengths and needs. That will help you to appreciate who they really are and also helps when buying gifts for them.

Having said that, may you have an enjoyable February. It is the month of Valentine's Day,love, gifts and generosity so spread it.