Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Valentine's Day Too Commercial?

I often hear (mostly from gents), complain that Valentine's Day is too commercial? Well what is commercial? It means that someone is making money out of it. Why does anyone open a business, yes it is to make money, but no one would make money if there was not a need. Only needs in the market place create business opportunities. So the commercial reputation that Valentine's Day has, has been created by people who need help with Valentine's Day gifts.

Some people are not gifted in the art of creativity. My husband is a terrific cook and he is also romantic. When he is at his best, on Valentine's Day ,I get a candle lit bath with background soft music and perhaps if I am really lucky I can get one of his great massages.

But not everyone is gifted in the same area. Some people have an eye for beauty, but do not know how to create it for themselves. Some gents want to make their girlfriend's or wives feel special, but do not know where to start. And some men are not gifted in memory or organisational skills. If it were not for advertisers marketing thier Valentine's Day gifts, I recon that there would be a whole lot more divorces.

A relationship needs the daily normal work, but also needs a few special boostes throughout the year, such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas etc.

Personally I think that people who complain that an event is too commercialised are worried that they be caught out not putting in effort. I always value the organising efforts that my husband puts in more than I do the actual gift, because I gage the effort put in as how valuable I am to him. So a quick run to the store to get something does not earn top points, but effort certaunly does becuase I know how precious time is.

So gents before you complain about commerce in love, be grateful to stores who massive adverstising budgets makes you remember Valentine's Day and gives to a reason to make your partner feel special.
Whether or not Valentine's Day is too commercial is irrelevant to me as a wife, what matters is that my husband makes me feel special on Valentine's Day. So let's make this day one filled with happy memories. Have a super Valentine's Day on 14 February.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Key People Matter - So Take Care of Them

Every year we go on a big end of the year campaign for staff and clients. While this is critical as end of the year is a time that most people want to be rerembered, look out for signs of fatique or emotional stress during the year.

Your key staff make a huge difference in your corporate life. I have noticed that some of my staff usually take a lot of emotional strain when finances are tough - don't we all? Finances are a huge concern and the worry that it causes can wreck havoc on your personal life and well being.

The beginning of the year is meant to be a time that we are refreshed or energised, but for some there hangs in the air the worry of over spending at Christmas and how to survive January which can for some be the longest month of the year.

A system that I sometimes use is to give a very small percentage advance at the end of the first week of January to certain staff members. The difference in attitude is huge. This in no way removes personal responsibility for budgeting, but seeing real needs and addressing them is part of the art of giving.

For larger companies, why not consider issuing out shopping vouchers for a few hundered rand to your staff at the beginning of the year as a "welcome back" present. You would be surpised at how many people suffer from depression at the beginning of the year becuase of financial worries. Those worries really affect your company's productivity.

So for the welfare of your company and for the love of humanity, do something that makes a difference. Show some heart and your soul will also benefit.